About Elements Unleashed

Elements Unleashed is a 2D platformer game, planned to be made in the future. Its made up of 8 separate chapters, each with its own unique characters and scenery


The planet DimidiaXL was home to many creatures and civilizations in its many years, most going extinct, but one civilization still remained throughout the chaos. These Civilians were known as Coppertailians. It was made up of many creatures, with the most important being half-wolf half-human. Their Home was known as the Coppertail Kingdom. The people in this Kingdom lived with their King and Queen for centuries, until one day, they failed a deal with the god of the Multiverse, also known as Vincent. Since they failed this simple deal, they were taken from their kingdom, leaving only the prince remaining. The only way to get to the Multiverse, was to enter one of many elemental doors, scattered throughout many Galaxies. Each door was only accessible if their 8 elemental hearts were placed in the door. One of those doors was right under the kingdom, lost in the depths of the dungeon. The Prince, Full of rage raced to the door, only finding that each heart was seperated throughout the entire planet. Now he had to find each and every heart, put them back in the door, and save his parents! Whether or not he can do this, is up to you.

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